Decorating Easter Eggs for Toddlers with Crayons and Washable Paint

coloring easter eggs for toddlers with crayons

Coloring Easter Eggs with Crayons for toddlers

Maybe its just be, but the thought of trying to dye eggs with colored water and little metal holders with little cups sounds like a disaster to me.  I found (I mean the Easter Bunny) found these cute plain white Color your own Easter eggs at Five Below.  Each package came with 6 eggs and a four pack of crayons for only $2 each. My kids gave them a try on Easter.  Above is my son’s beautiful egg.  Below is his younger sister’s egg.

coloring plastic easter eggs for young kids
Coloring Easter Eggs with Crayons for young kids

My daughter isn’t quite 2 yet, so coloring is still a work in progress.  Although if you look on her tray she has some very pretty eggs. I love the pastel colors of the crayons. She colored a few eggs, then she got a little bored, so I asked her if she wanted to paint some eggs.  She was so excited!  I squirted some washable finger paints on a paper plate and a gave her a paint brush and she thoroughly enjoyed it.  My son is not really into getting messy, so he stuck with the crayons.

painting easter eggs with washable paint plastic eggs

painting plastic easter eggs for toddlers
Painting Easter Eggs with Washable Paint for toddlers

My daughter, on the other hand, painted the eggs and then, of course, painted herself. She loves to paint her hands!!  She would have painted more of herself it she didn’t have her brother’s old pajamas covering most of her body ;).

painting easter eggs and painting hands
Painting hands with washable paint

I love washable paint, it is so easy to wash off.  I took a few paper towels and wiped off the paint on her hands and then gave her a Tupperware bowl of water to wash them off.  She loves this part as well, as she gets some water play time.  Overall, I think the three of us agree, we had a great time for only $4.  We also now have some personalized eggs we can use next year.


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