How to Read Books while you Sew!

how to read while you sew
How to read while you sew!

Before kids, I loved to cuddle up with a book.  Now with two toddlers and running my own business, in the last 5 years the only books I have read have been kids books or books on raising kids.  I decided this year would be different.

It is only April and I just started reading my 8th book for the year.  Okay, okay, so maybe I have technically read them, but listened to them!  Yep, with Audible!  I did the two free books trial and was hooked.  I am so excited.

I ususually listen to the books while I am cutting tapping patterns, cutting fabric, pinning, threading, etc then I pause it while I sew.  You could ear phones while you sew to keep it going.  I am usually also listening to a baby monitor at the same time…

So wait are you waiting for? Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks


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