Life Cycle of a Butterfly Toy and Day 3 of Live Butterfly kit

day 3 live butterfly kit caterpillars growing eating and furry
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Day 3 and our little caterpillars from our Insect Lore Live Butterfly Kit are moving a lot today.  They are visibly larger than two days ago and have a lot more fur.  The fur helps protect them from predators.  Baby girl is really enjoying watching them move and eat today.  We have some very hungry caterpillars today.

furry caterpillars eating and growing live butterfly kit
Very hungry caterpillars


These caterpillars are eating away!  Look how big they are getting.  They also seem to be shedding or molting their exoskeleton. See the circled piece below?  There are quite a few of those in the cups.

pieces of caterpillar.jpg
Caterpillars molting

Today was supposed to be filled with baseball camp and 2 birthday parties, but Little Dude started running a high fever last night.  He continued to run a low-grade fever this morning with no other symptoms.  This felt eerily familiar.  I looked inside his mouth and saw the red blisters :(. I am pretty positive he has Hand, Foot, Mouth disease for a second time.  Poor guy.  I am sure his sister will get it next.  He had a mild case last time, but Baby Girl was so bad last time it hurt for her to walk.  So today, they have been enjoying the Life Cycle of a Butterfly toy.

life cycle of butterfly toy
Life Cycle of a Butterfly Toy

Little Dude was teaching his sister about the Life cycle of the Butterfly, even using the word Chrysalis. A word he learned in preschool.  So far, they are really enjoying their growing their own butterflies.  They really enjoyed watching the caterpillars eat today.


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