Hand Foot Mouth Vs Herpangina and Day 5 Of Live Butterfly Kit

Caterpillars eating and growing fast

Day 5 of Live Butterfly Kit!  We have some hungry hungry caterpillars.  The caterpillars are really started to move and eat more.  They are growing so big and eating more often.

This is ended up being perfect timing for our to start our Live Butterfly Kit, as both of my little ones are sick. It first started with Little Dude.  He rarely naps anymore and I should have known something was wrong when put himself down for a nap and he then proceeded to nap for 3 hours.  I went to check on him during his nap and started talking in his sleep, so I let him sleep some more.

Later that evening he came over to my lap to cuddle and he had goose bumps.  He was running a high fever.  We gave him some medicine and he talked again in his sleep.  He was running about a fever around 100 in the morning, but was acting pretty normal.  We had seen this before….  High temp, no other symptoms, so I looked inside his mouth and sure enough I saw the red blisters.  It was just like when he hand foot mouth disease.

Last time he also had a rash on his hands and feet, however this time he only had them in his mouth.  I am guessing he may have herpangina this time instead.  The red spots in his mouth turned white.  He lost most of his appetite and energy in spurts.  He also took a few naps.

3 days later, baby girl started running a very high fever.  Even with medicine it was still pretty high.  She had goose bumps and started shaking.  I tried to keep her comfortable.  She asked to drink milk and almost immediately after drinking milk she started vomiting.

Poor girl had a very rough night.  She was talking in her sleep and shaking due to the chills.  I gave her another dose of medicine about 1:30 am which helped immensely. However she was now hungry and had more energy.  We were up till 4:30 am.  She slept pretty well after the awake period.  She was understandably a little cranky the next day, but mostly in good spirits.  She, like her brother, had short bursts of energy and a major loss of appetite.

She has some red bumps in her mouth, but I haven’t seen any other bumps anywhere else yet.  Last time she hand foot mouth so bad, she couldn’t even walk because it hurt so bad.  It was awful.

My son says he doesn’t feel the bumps and it does not hurt this time. It will interesting to see how Baby Girl feels today.


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