Painting A Butterfly House, Day 6 of Live Butterfly kit

caterpillars starting the j shape
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It is Day 6 of our Live Butterfly Kit!  The caterpillars are starting to practice their J shapes.

To prepare for the arrival of our butterflies we decided to paint our own butterfly house.  I found this Toysmith Paint-A-Butterfly House on Amazon and thought it would be perfect for our Butterfly Spring fun.  I let the kids help me open the box and Little Dude loved it.  He even gave me a hug and said thank you.  Baby girl LOVES to paint and she couldn’t wait to get outside to paint the new Butterfly house.

baby girl carrying the butterfly house
Baby Girl super excited to paint her butterfly house

Baby Girl also likes to paint herself, so I had to remind her a few times the paint was only for the Butterfly House.  She did very well and was actually a little sad when she got paint on her shoes.  She also got some paint on her pants, however she wasn’t concerned at about those.

kids painting a butterfly house
Kids working together to paint the butterfly house

They actually worked together well painting the butterfly house.  They each picked their own sides.  There was absolutely no arguing over anything and they shared the paint well.  The kit comes with one paintbrush, so I grabbed two of our own to have a paint brush for each color.

painting a butterfly house with kids
Painting a Butterfly House

Little Dude is a little older, so his method of painting was a little more methodical compared to his sister’s lets throw some paint on this butterfly house.  We also worked on mixing colors and making new ones.  Little Dude made a lot of green, while Baby Girl enjoyed making orange and purple.


I think their Paint-A-Butterfly Kit turned out well!!  I refrained from “fixing” anything.  I still remember when I was a kid I painted a little craft project with a fence and a rooster on it for a fundraiser for Girl Scouts.  One of the leaders ended up “fixing it” and making the paint and words look better.  My Mom, of course, ended up buying the craft project and every time I looked at it, it just reminded me how the leader thought my project wasn’t good enough.  I try my hardest to not “fix” my kids projects, though sometimes its harder than others.

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